Luxury Buffet Breakfast on Bosphorus

Luxury Buffet Breakfast on Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise | Halal Cruises Club

Luxury Buffet Breakfast on Bosphorus

(11:00 AM Weekday and 9:00 AM Weekend)

A memorable Bosphorus cruise for 2 hours with a royal breakfast, and full of perfect views that promise your best photos in Istanbul!

Highlights of Bosphorus cruise

  • FREE hotel pick up
  • Enjoy a Bosphorus trip and pass by great sights of Istanbul for two hours
  • Treat yourself and taste famous delicacies of Turkish Mediterranean cuisine in a most pleasing environment
  • Get the best photos of your Istanbul trip under bright light and sweet breeze of Bosphorus
  • Table service menu includes hot and cold delicacies and drinks, an unlimited breakfast that guarantees satisfaction and a full stomach.
  • There are 3D boxes of masterpiece-level paintings inside. You could have fun and have great photos inside each of them. 
Luxury Buffet Breakfast