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Nile Cruise


Day 1: Esna – Al Hegz

You will board your dahabiya and become acquainted with the crew in Esna, which is 33 kilometres south of Luxor.
Esna, a flourishing commercial centre, is most known for the diminutive ancient Temple of Khnum, which is located nine metres beneath the town’s streets.
A temple in Esna was devoted to deities of the past.
The construction of this temple began in Ptolemaic times, but the majority of its still-existing components date from the Roman era.
A short walk to the temple and a stroll through shops lined with exquisite fabrics and other exotic things will mark the start of your journey.
Sail to Al Hegz village, stopping for lunch along the way. We stop by the village before dinner so you can see how traditional Egyptians live. You can observe ladies making bread, cultivating fields, and village elders playing dominoes. You shall stay in Al Hegz overnight.

Day 2: Edfu – Bissa Island – Gabal as-Silsila

City of Edfu

The temple of Nekhbet and a string of intriguingly painted tombs cut into the side of the mountains may still be found in El Kab, which is on the East Bank of the Nile and was formerly the capital of Upper Egypt.
You will set out on a lovely walk through a small fishermen’s village after docking to visit the necropolis.
Jumah prayers in local Mosque
The boat will arrive in Edfu, where the remains of a Greek and Roman temple for the Horus in the afternoon, which is symbolised by many Egyptians as seen on Egyptian planes, and on hotels and restaurants throughout the land. You will be transported to the site by horse and carriage via the congested city streets. You’ll board the boat once more and head for a stunning island.

Bissa island

Lunch awaits you on board.

Day 3: Gabal as-Silsila – Bashir Island

Your route will take you to the island of Bissa, where you can admire small fishing boats, old houses and farms with their livestock.

Ǧabal as-Silsila Sandstone Quarry

Then you head for Gabal as-Silsila and can enjoy the beautiful view of the banks of the Nile.
Gabal as-Silsila was the most important sandstone quarry in Egypt and is an archaeological site on both banks of the Nile. At this point the Nile narrows to a width of less than 400 meters and is overlooked by the steep sandstone cliffs.
Arriving in Gabal as-Silsila, enjoy your dinner in front of the breathtaking backdrop of the illuminated Horemheb ruins. Overnight in Jabal as-Silsila.

Day 4: Gabal as-Silsila – Bashir Island

The Nile is at its narrowest here when it passes between two mountain ranges. Since major Nile cruise ships are not permitted to stop here.
you will typically be the sole visitor to this intriguing location.
You will visit a charming café to drink tea and after seeing the little ruins of Horemheb and strolling through the sandstone quarries where the ancient Egyptians cut stone for several of their most well-known structures.
After that, you’ll sail to a charming riverside where you’ll stop for lunch and a possible swim.

Faris coffee shop

You’ll sail to the traditional Faris Coffeeshop, a local coffee house where residents drink coffee and tea and play dominoes. Together you will experience a piece of traditional Arabic life.

Bashir Island

During lunch we continue to Bashir Island, an island that invites swimmers and walkers. Hope you have your swimwear with you. After dinner under the twinkling stars, taste the delicious Gabana, the freshly hand-grounded mountain coffee. Celebrate a traditional festival with the crew and islanders and stay overnight at Bashir Island.

Day 5: Aswan

Another highlight after breakfast is a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site called the Pearl of the Nile, Temple of Philae.
The entire complex was dismantled from 1977 to 1980 on Philae Island, which is now flooded, and then rebuilt 600 metres away.

Nile cruise Luxor Aswan

A bus takes you to the banks of the Nile, from where you can take motor boats to the island.
You can take your time when you visit this extremely impressive complex, which was converted into a Christian place of worship around 535.

Dam and unfinished obelisk

On the way back there is the opportunity to visit the new dam and the unfinished obelisk. After lunch you will be spoiled for choice as Aswan has a lot to offer. You can visit a Nubian village, visit a perfume shop or stroll through the lively, colourful souk with its wide range of spices. But you can also sit back and relax on the sun deck, enjoy the peace and sweeten it with tea or coffee and cake. The decision is up to you!

Farewell Dinner

In the evening, the delightful farewell Dinner takes place on the Dahabiya, lovingly prepared and carried out by the crew, before you spend one last night on board.

Day 6: Aswan

Wake up to the stunning vista of the river at Aswan Bridge being surrounded by the desert. Your cruise ends at this point. In the morning, you’ll leave us feeling calm and renewed.


  • Transfer to Dahabiya on Thursday
  • All meals 
  • Drinks, Tea Coffee Cocktails Juices (non alcoholic Drinks)
  • All listed excursions

Our Cabins

10 comfortable outside cabins (3.25 x 3.5 m) with large windows. Each cabin has its own colour design.
Our cabins are not numbers! You can book your preferred cabin if it is still available at the desired time. All cabins and suites are en suite and equipped with individually controlled air conditioning. Each room has a wardrobe, in which your suitcase can easily be accommodated. A clothes rail with hangers, shelves and drawers make it easy to stow away your utensils.

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Our two luxurious spacious suites (4.9 m x 4 m) with panoramic windows on two sides and their own terrace. Our suites are particularly exquisite. They are very popular with honeymooners as they are spacious and the couple can retreat to their private balcony when they feel like being together. In addition to the large king-size bed, from which you can admire the passing landscape, there is also a table with a stool for those who can’t stop working, as well as a chaise longue for relaxing in both suites. On the balcony, a small sofa invites you to make yourself comfortable.

The suites- Golden Suite and Red Suite Cabins

£5.650 Price is based on 2 people to the Suite

Cots are available on request for cabins and suites

Internal flights are available from Aswan to Luxor and Cairo.

Most guests travel by road from Aswan to Luxor as it is cheaper than Air.

Prices vary everyday, Please check website for up to date prices for Aswan Cairo and Aswan Luxor


Additional days can be added to the schedule to take in the Islamic landmarks in Cairo which guests may like,

Also we can make another itinerary for your specific Islamic Activities. From Cairo, Luxor, Esna, Aswan.

Extra activities include and are general done before the sail:

Kalesh (horse and cart)

Faluka (small sailing boat)

Quad biking

Hot air balloon 

Camel ride