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British Thames Lux


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Duration: 1 hr

Venetian Crafted Water Limousine

We bring you the very first Venetian crafted water limousine to grace London’s historic river. In the line of firsts, British Thames Lux is also the first Italian boat of this type to be surveyed successfully by the Port of London Authority and authorised to operate on the River Thames.

British Thames Lux is the perfect combination of Italian style and British flair, sporting the unmistakable Union Jack hull, and specially adapted to provide a sumptuous river experience. It’s in a class of its own and is fully equipped to offer discerning guests a different class of luxury. In fact, with its elegant lines, plush comfort and understated power, this 9-metre boat exudes sophistication.

  • Experience

    With amenities such as a minibar, climate control, WiFi, music system and smart TV, guests want for nothing as they travel down the iconic river Thames. Under the expert guidance of CAPTAIN AND CREW, this sleek vessel cuts seamlessly through the water, abiding by the maximum allowed speed of 30 knots.

    Luxurious River Travel Options

    Whether you looking for a stylish way to leave the wedding celebration with your new spouse, we craft customised experiences for you.

    However, if you wish to experience the sights along the River Thames we can help even with your own private tour guide personalising your memorable luxurious experience.

    Halal Catering

    Indulge in your very own Halal refreshments from a choice of two including from Harrods. Complimentary drinks are served.

    Female Crew

    We understand females sometimes prefer to have a female only crew, as such you may be delighted to know that this is possible too via us at a minimum 2 weeks request Price from £500.00 per day.


    Private luxury cruises start from £900 for 1 hour

    For your quote drop us an email with your desired date, time, the number of passengers, female crew, guide, refreshments, pier, occasion and we will get back to you.